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Tutor in London, Ontario service, “L.O. Turing Pro,” provided affordable tutoring service for adults, students, and kids, in person or virtual online meetings available. If you are looking for math, science, physics, or chemistry, we have your teacher ready for you. We are flexible in setting up a date and time to have our meeting with you. Please note that our hours say from Monday to Sunday 9 am till 5 pm, this is only getting back to you. Our teaching sessions with you or your kids can go earlier or later.  

Our official service areas are all of London and beyond (if you are outside of London, please call to see if we can serve you). Some of the areas we service are Downtown London, North London, South London, Soho, Westmount, Southcrest, Byron, Masonville, and much more.

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FAQ for students and parents – London, ON

Fanshawe College
University of Western Ontario
London International Academy
King’s University College
Brescia University College
Westervelt College
Business Technology & Health Care
College Boreal
Medix School
Huron University College

Yes, we use the following learning tactics:

  • Pinpoint the student’s personality and give a personalized approach that fits the child’s character.
  • Find what interests the student and start every session with what the young person likes first. This gets each session started with the least amount of resistance.
  • Identify the weaknesses and slowly build to strengthen them.
  • Find the right balance when it comes to consistency. Meeting once bi-weekly will be forgotten between sessions but also meeting every day could be also counterproductive. It seems two to three times a week is, in most cases, the perfect balance.  
  • Give it at least two tries before deciding if the tutor is the right fit.
  • Trust your gut instinct when deciding on the tutor.

Only if it is close to the London, area. Please call to inquire for more information.  

Entry-level tutors, for example students, will charge from $20 to $25. Teachers will start at $35 and go up depending on how specialized the subject is.

You should bring this up after you have tried the service and are convinced that they are a great fit. Your biggest bargaining chip is the amount of time you are willing to commit. You can expect, in the case of most professional tutors, to get a 10-15% reduction in price.


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